Buzz work

One of the most important holidays in Mongolia is the lunar new year which is also called Tsagaan Sar, is traditional, inevitable. Families and relatives greet with each other during tsagaan sar and catch up with news of one another. Parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles and their children and their families share ethics of holiday traditions, cultural treasures once a year.

People wear clothes deels, dresses or just the casuals. Families with elders prepare a lot of food to share. Beverages, milk products and buuz are served by each family. In one household, family rules and tradition are also different.

The buuz, or (Boolean- take the boo and add z) to pronounce buuz, can be challenging to make.

Ingredients vary from flour, beef, onion, garlic, salt, dill seeds, water, mutton, mutton fat, etc.

Freezing buuz units outside during the night and take them the next morning, and put them into freezer to save till the holiday. Buuz will be steamed and served hot for each person.

For some families buuz making is a social event that includes timer, moderator, a reporter who counts, and a chef.

Have a great holiday!

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