Оюутан солилцоо

Student Exchange

Students exchanges have been done and proceeded successfully in Mongolia. Ages between 16-18 years old. Private sectors exchange students in countries such as USA, China, Germany, S. Korea and Japan. I have encountered talking to my friend who was from Japan, had very good English skills. I had to ask how she became good at English. She said she went to America when she was in middle school. Japanese kids visit America for 2 weeks, because they study English at school. As an English language teacher and an individual, I thought of how I could make my students better at speaking English.

American-Japanese (50/50) public school also send their kids to Japan from USA when they are in 5th grade. Parents and teachers and principles participate lovingly and encourage their kids’ learning. This is one of the success measure in acquiring foreign languages.

“Мянга сонсохоор нэг үз.”

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