bavarian queen waffles

Smaaken the Outlier

Willpower expires. Two months of daydreaming of how nice it would be to check out waffles from that food truck. Just at the corner of a street. One morning, legs head straight to that waffles. Brain constantly played check it out, check it out. There I am right in front of Smaaken. Conversation follows:

A: Can I have a cup of hot drink?

B: Yes, we have regular coffee. The Outlier has some special ones if you are looking for others.

A: Well, thank you. (left)

Purchased a cup of coffee.


Comes back to Smaaken:

A: Can I have waffles?

B: What kind? We have …, .., .., looking at the menu.

A: I will have gluten free “Bavarian Queen” waffles.

B: Great. That will be price. And your name … .

A: ……………….  .

Sit over there. I will call you.

bavarian queen waffles sitting

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