snow owl

One’s Life

A new day starts with hard working people laboring to build a rooftop of a house. Relatives gather together to come up with something big. Shovels, nails, ladders, woods, and other tools scattered on the ground. Once, they have these building supplies, they have to use these quickly to not miss hot summer days. It is +25, +30 celsius. When the autumn comes, it will be +10, +15 daytime even colder in the evenings. Autumn used to offer plenty of harvest, but not anymore, at least not in the days of dog’s life.
Winter is -35 celsius till -40 depending on the precipitation rate. Folks’ assumption is correct most of the time. They can tell what the winter holds for us. Is it going to be windy, or is it going to be snowy. Do we have weather forecasters? Obviously we have.
Spring is way difficult for pets to survive. I have been to almost in hunger strikes these past two years. Being a dog in this part of the world, in this part of country’s transition period, is such an impossible to imagine situation. I am a dog, so I do not know what the stores are like. My owners and I have never been to shops. One time, I ate vegetable stock with some cabbage and potato peels. Then there were other times I ate wheat porridge. My regular meal is soup with beef. Sometimes, I eat candies that the children share with me. We all grew a little older. They are busy with their school work. But when they have time, they seems to be playing sega games. I miss the kids, the good old times. I am going to say it in the present time below.

These kids do love me a lot. They like to play, sleep, run with me. Actually, who does not want to sleep in a cozy bed?
I love being in the house, it is warm. I have no spots, pure white. I am a handsome puppy, kids love me so much. They hug me all the time. It seems these kids like candies. They are happier when they eat snacks. Also, they are the happiest when they play with me, because their eyes spark and they talk louder, and they laugh a lot.

My job other than nurturing happiness is to protect these kids. If danger comes from outside of a yard, I bark. I might bite anyone who is entering into yard and house without permission of my owners. Usually my owners leave the house to bring people in who are arriving to visit. I stay outside of the building to give a bark to strangers. Don’t worry I did not bite anyone. I am an alert, very healthy, happy dog. I may complain I do not have animal doctor of my own, but now and then I have vaccines.

This is a very cute friend of mine.

snow owl

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