cafe division

The Gorgeous Division Street

When I was in Portland OR in 2015, there were not many businesses on the Division street. However, it is becoming more & more delicate and gorgeous in a way modern businesses are. One day, I walked down the street from 50th till 26th on Division, I was excited to see cafes, art studio, theater, bakery, scooters, tea and collage shop. Here you can see the luxury of Division street.

When I walk into Collage shop I had urge to own all of the new products that they offered. Notebooks, journals printed in Italy, and high quality paper wraps with premium designs and patterns. Inspiring quotes printed on journal covers some say “Shine Bright”.

Boulangerie Artisan cafe offers many delicious, inevitable sweets, croissants and more. I can purchase sweets once a year.

Scooters cost one dollar a day. I was wondering what and how these kids were being able to use those. Those scooters are just there to ride and to travel to the destination affordably fun. Since I grew up playing outdoors, so these inventions are “why not”.


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