Regrets, I’ve had few

Hoped that I had chosen the right type of birth method.
As many other moms, I have struggled with engorged breasts, other health issues not serious but struggling. As a foreigner, as me being not born in the country had effects on how to deal with it properly. Anxiety, blaming others (temporarily), back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and period, women who had birth to a child experience. Natural birth may be extremely right for some women. Women should choose their birth method in regard to their own health. Thankfully, I passed all these negativity. I joined library story times with a baby. I spent hours outdoors in rain or shine with the child. I loved being in the cafes and coffee shops even though it was hard for the family’s budget. I enrolled into community college classes. I launched websites as part of a class performance. Fond of learning was another pain relief.
Studying in the Intensive English language course for international students offered through university, the writing class was unforgettable. It contained concepts that I had never heard of such as brainstorming and writing thesis statement. I regret that I did not continue. Now, I do want to pursue English writing for the further achievement. These are my very few regrets in my life.

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