Place in the World

Place in the World

This is the photo I took of the view from “Mother Tree” in Selenge province Mongolia last October. It was a miracle to see and visit back to the country where I was born. Autumn is the busiest season in my memory. Because the season reminds me of where veggie growing parents and neighbors are harvesting big time.

I was afraid there were no photos for this week’s challenge. But I saved this photo, so check it out! I was happy to remember that I had some photos to share of a Place in the World.

Dreaming of growing berries myself in Selenge!

Shaamar town in Selenge Province

But somehow in my mind, questions arise. Does this place provide (fast, secure, reliable) internet connection in each household? Does this place have transportation system? buses, trains, etc. Like the hires people all around the world, can I post my photos here in the future? Can I run my business here? Paypal? Etsy? Amazon? What about the postal service? What will be the fees for using postal service to send out my products around the world or at least few spots on the world? Can I sell dried berries to neighbor countries or inside the country?

In the city center, there is internet connection, no problem. To go in and out of the site, there is greater need to have very good cars that run on unpaved, bumpy roads. These two can be dealt with.

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